Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Copy and Sketch Book

This simple, well-planned book allows the student to continue practicing the skills presented in the Memoria Press copybooksequence with his own Scripture, poetry, maxims, or composition selections. Designed to be used with or after Copybook III, the transitional line size and spacing of the Composition and Sketchbook prepare the young child for standard notebook paper.

This valuable, intermediate design requires the student to manage a blank page, a considerable task that requires practice, while accounting for small hands and beginner status. Because original illustrations provide the perfect companion to copybook, drawing pages are included on each facing page. In years to come, these books will provide a treasured journal of the child's progress. 95 pages, softcover.


CONFESSION. I have tons of these copy and sketch books.  Whenever I get a few extra bucks to spend on schooling I stock up on them.  We use them for our almost all of our schooling.  About 90% of our work is done in these.  If you want to read more go HERE