Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girlhood Home Companion

The Girlhood Home Companion is a beautiful 4-color companion guide, magazine, and character study all rolled into one publication. The Girlhood encourages young ladies (ages 10-18) to enjoy their precious girlhood years while walking closely with the Lord and developing a deeper relationship with Him. Filled with the wisdom of writers from the past and present, each edition features encouraging articles and stories that center on one character quality per issue. Each theme is explored in-depth through editorials, articles, and stories that will minister to the heart of your daughter, while teaching her the practical skills of homemaking, cooking, crafts, sewing and other girlhood pastimes.

Originally produced from 1998 to 2001 and back by popular demand, there is nothing so lovingly designed with the heart of a Christian girl in mind as The Girlhood Home Companion. Ageless, it continues to inspire daughters, mothers, and grandmothers of all ages.


My little girls love this magazine.  We are anxiously awaiting our next copy of it in the mail.  If you have daughters who love to bake, have tea parties, loves babies, etc. then you should check out this magazine.  We are faithful subscribers to it.  To read more go HERE