Friday, April 10, 2009

Lovely Resources for Training Biblical Daughters

A lack of burning enthusiasm in the hearts of young women for their role is a sad thing. The number of women who are turning their hearts to their fathers, families and homes is exciting. And yet many of these girls lack zeal as they do their duty. Some are apologetic and timid about dressing femininely and modestly, because “public opinion is so strong.” Some look on sadly and a bit martyrishly as their friends go off to “do exciting things,” while they themselves remain with their families. Some feel they are missing out on excitement because they have chosen God’s design for womanhood over the glitzy allure of feminism or the crushing tyranny of social expectations.  Elizabeth Botkin  

Here is a link to some wonderful resources in the training up of our young daughters.  We own most of what is on this page and have viewed the others at a sale.  Eventually I hope to utilize most of it.  My older girls read So Much More, Visionary Daughters, Raising Maidens of Virtue and others plus we have listened to some of the tapes.  Really, really good biblical foundations for girls.  Here is the link.