Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Noah Plan 2nd Grade Lesson Plan Book

Following the methods and goals of the Principle Approach, The Noah Plan rests upon teaching students to build principles from God's word into everyday thinking; looking to the internal demands of conscience as causative of behavior and action; and learning to subdue the earth for God's purpose. This second-grade curriculum has basic literacy in reading, writing and arithmetic as its first essential goal, with the Bible, literature, French, music, geography and many other fine art subjects emphasized alongside the theme of "The Christian Principle of Self Government." Weekly lessons are divided into four quarters and presented in chart-like format, with notes on preparation, lesson instructions (including notebook work), student work and expected accomplishments. An extensive introduction provides parents with information about the backbone of the program while notes on getting ready for second grade provide practical advice for the teacher. 384 pages, softcover, spiral bound.  More info HERE