Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Christian Manhood Must Prevail

How can we disciple our sons to be the true heirs of Christendom? In this powerful message, Doug Phillips calls the men and boys of our generation back to the lost legacy of Christian manhood, urging them to recover the old chivalric code that was once a hallmark of Western culture. Christian manhood, he maintains, must be recaptured or else our civilization will be destroyed. Yet there is hope: If we raise our sons to preserve, protect, and promote the ancient doctrine of “women and children first,” they can become “the repairer of the breach” and lead the West to greatness once again.
My husband and one of our son's have listened to this.  Here is dad:  This is a wonderful tool for our boys.  I highly suggest that you take the time to listen to this with your sons.  I would recommend they be at least 14 or so in order to gain a full understanding.   Here is a link for more HERE