Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Well Rounded Old Fashioned Education

 - The EES cover every topic. Many of the series are still household names almost a hundred years after they ceased being published. The most famous and popular of these series are the McGuffey's Readers and Ray's Arithmetics, but there were many other extraordinary series in the EES such as Pinneo's Grammars, Thalheimer's Histories and Norton's Sciences that have been used by countless students.

 - The books provided Americans with a brand of textbook they could trust, the EES. The authors commissioned to do the various line of textbooks were at the top of their fields. No expenses were spared in preparing these incredible textbooks.Original art was commissioned for them, and they were refined and honed through multiple revisions over decades. As an added bonus, all of the books were written by Christian authors whose values were part of the backbone of early America.  To read more go HERE