Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A wonderful nature study guide/book

I just ran across this resource and I'm thinking I will go with it.  I need so much help in this area of homeschooling and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.  Here is a brief description.

Nature Study Brought to Life: A Nature Walk With Aunt Bessie by Sandi Queen, Stories by B. E. Wright
This one-year curriculum for elementary ages has everything you need to give your child a Charlotte Mason style education in science and nature study. Daily lessons build upon each week's detailed nature story from Aunt Bessie, who shares with her niece and nephew all about the marvels of God's creation. Learn about insects, birds, butterflies and moths, worms, wasps, and all sorts of creatures through the fun, short lessons, which vary from day to day, giving your child the variety of hands-on lessons, read alouds, researching, writing, coloring, nature sketching, and more! Consumable. 180 daily lessons for any child who is reading on his own, up through about 6th grade level.  Go HERE for more information.