Monday, April 6, 2009

Bible Curriculum-Veritas Press

We have chosen the Veritas Press Bible Curriculum for our Bible studies.  Here is a description from the VP website.  I like it for it's simplicity.  There are several resources that go along with this and on the back of each flash card there book titles with required pages to be read for each lesson.  A good choice for those independent scholars!!
 This set starts at the beginning of time and covers through the end of Joshua's life. Included, of course, is the study of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his twelve sons. Can you name all twelve? Anyone who has used this program will be able to! What a thrill to identify with the saints of old as they are led by God through the Red Sea on dry land and then provided for as they make their way to the Promised Land. This Homeschool Kit includes the Cards and Enhanced CD (which contains the Memory Song and a PDF version of the Teacher's Manual).