Monday, April 6, 2009

A Guide To American Christian History Education for the Home

If I could recommend one book for the home and school it would be this one.  I have read through it 3 times so far and still studying it.  Not because it is a hard read but because it is pack full of great philosophy for parents who wish to give their children an American Christian Education.  5 stars on this one.  Here is an 'official' description of the book:
This volume represents a unique effort in American Education which has been in progress for the past three decaades. It is the effort to restore to American Christians the knowledge of America's Christian History and America's role in the History of Liberty. It is impossible to teach the historic impact of the Gospel upon our nation's character, curriculum and Constitution, by modern progressive teaching techniques. Therefore, the restoration of The Principle Approach is a major contribution of James Rose's ministry to Christians in America who wish to once again both learn and teach that Biblical philosophy of education which formed us "one nation under God."

This guide is divided into four sections. In the first section, "Rudiments of American Christian Education," James Rose carefully lays the foundations of The Principle Approach. Section Two deals with the home - the most important societal institution. Section Three deals with the school developed at home in accordance with the Principle Approach. Finally, Section Four is the practical achievement of the ministry of James Rose in his work with teachers and curriculum development in the Principle Approach. This comprehensive guide is a must-have for the Christian homeschool family. Hardcover, 502 pages. You can order this HERE at a discounted price.