Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Mozart Effect for Children

I've been reading this book that came highly recommend to me by my daughter in law Heather and wow, is it ever informative! I'm not very far in it yet but found it so interesting I just had to share! Without doubt, I've already ordered some Mozart cd's from the library and have been playing them everyday. I found several specifically geared for children! Here is an excerpt from the inside cover.

In The Mozart Effect for Children, author Don Campbell shows that music is the perfect tool to improve children's language, movement, and emotional skills at home, school, and play. He presents a wealth of dynamic, inventive ways for parents and teachers to invigorate a child's imagination with music, sounds, and songs, supplying simple exercises and fun activities tailored for each age group and stage of development, from prenatal through age the. Campbell offers ideas and exercises to bond with their newborns to tips on fostering good study habits and stress reduction for elementary school students.