Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Answers in Genesis Pre-school curriculum

I received Answers in Genesis catalog the other day and I found this pre-school curriculum. I've never really used anything formal with my pre-schoolers but this looks really neat. My Mary is 4 and I am thinking about looking into this for her. I look forward to reading reviews on it!
You can read about it HERE.

Here is what their website says about it.

Regardless of how your kids are going to be educated—public, private, or home school—one thing that all children have in common is the need to learn. What better place to begin, than at the beginning!

This complete multi-subject curriculum for preschoolers and very early readers includes 180 fun, engaging, hands-on lessons that introduce children to the Bible, social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. Like other preschool curricula, Answers for Preschoolersincludes lots of fun activities, coloring pages, easy teacher-friendly ideas, and full-color illustrations galore. But unlike other preschool curricula, this one also affirms the truth of the Bible and uses Genesis as the basis to help precious children know God’s love while exploring health & safety, music, arts & crafts, and even physical education activities.

Designed to make the teacher’s job easy, and the student’s job fun, this foundational curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to any schedule. Order Answers for Preschoolers today and start your children’s education on a solid biblical foundation. It’s never too early to teach your children truth!